"I am really glad that we chose the collaborative approach and, yes, we can now move forward. It is a great relief to have reached dry land after a very stormy couple of years!" (Sandy Edwards)


"A divorce is not a pleasant experience but through the collaborative route a lot of pressure and stress is taken off you so you can aim for a quicker and fairer resolution for both parties." (Sandy Edwards)


"Ros Reynolds in particular gave me the strength and belief that I could deal with a difficult, complicated and emotionally stressful divorce.  The collaborative process worked well for me and greatly speeded up negotiations and helped deal with misconceptions before they progressed further."


"A relationship breakdown is a difficult, and in my case due to the nature of the breakdown, a very emotional period. As we all know, the written word whether email, text or letter can be misconstrued in many ways.  The collaborative process allows all parties equal opportunity to speak and make their feelings known without misinterpretation. It’s not easy, especially being in the same room with someone you may never want to see again, but I also believe that with the help of Lisa Grimmett, my Collaborative lawyer, and Liz her assistant, I have been able to face the future, and move forward both practically and emotionally far quicker than the traditional method of faceless communication. We have come through our breakup with a very acceptable outcome for us both, and are able to see each other calmly and in a friendly way, something a few months ago I would think not possible. I would highly recommend the Collaborative process."


"The Collaborative process for me personally has been the best route in my situation, it suited my needs as I really did not relish going to Court or long meetings with Solicitors.  It was very useful to have the four way meeting between the parties to discuss the best way forward. I felt this was very constructive and felt at ease.  The process from there on has been very quick and needed very little input from me which suited me well. In relation to cost it was the most sensible route to take as it was far less costly than going through the Courts." (Lisa Grimmett)


"Thank you so much for your help and support through this difficult time.  You’ve been amazing! DB and I continue to work well together in the interests of the children and life in general is good." (Sue Fitzmaurice)