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Adele Ballantyne works as a Relationship Specialist in the UK from her base in Shropshire and supports Collaborative Solicitors and their clients as a Family Consultant.

She has been helping individuals, couples, families and businesses with relationship difficulties for many years and has specialised more recently by working with separating/divorcing couples.

Adele aims to provide help for couples at any point before, during or after legal proceedings with an emphasis on improving communication, reducing conflict, enhancing the potential for long-term co-parenting and lessening the emotional damage caused by separation, to children. 

Couples don’t always need to go to court to settle disputes: “We were not speaking at all and were going nowhere with the divorce, we were arguing over the kids and the finances. Adele got us back in the same room and got us talking. We could then get the divorce moving again” KB&LB

To find out how Adele may be able to help you to get to a point where communication will be more successful, just ask your Shropshire Collaborative Lawyer for a referral.

07870 847677

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