10 reasons to choose Collaborative Law 

when separating or divorcing


1.     It’s your solution:-

Geared to what you want to achieve, not what the lawyers say or what the Judge imposes.


2.     Nothing is off limits:-

You agree the Agenda.  Discussions can take place about everything including the family pets and of course the children, ensuring cooperative joint parenting.


3.     Private:-

Your financial details are not passed around the County Court or aired in a hearing where the press can be present.


4.     Court is out of the question:-

Everyone signs up to an agreement not to go to Court but to resolve matters amicably by direct discussion rather than confrontation or litigation.


5.     No more letters:-

Expensive emotionally and financially.   When things are written in black and white they are more permanent.  The stream of correspondence can seem endless and detaches you from the process.


6.     Mutual respect and improved communication:-

Discussions can be emotional but that’s ok.  Feelings can be expressed, acknowledged and often that is what is needed to enable you to concentrate on practical issues. Lawyers advise you both directly in the meetings so everything is transparent.


7.     Tailor made advice:-

Available throughout the process and especially in the meetings, from the lawyers, and if need be from expert but neutral pensions advisors, valuers, accountants and independent financial advisors.


8.     You decide the pace:-

You decide when and where meetings take place which often speeds up the process and always fits into your schedule.


9.     Direct control and involvement:-

It is your process and you drive it forward.   You and your partner deal with issues of your choosing first hand supported by your collaborative lawyers. 


10.  Proportionate costs and swift resolution:-

Often disclosure and other Court procedures can be tailored to avoid completing lengthy Court forms, saving costs and time.


Make sure your lawyer can offer this choice for you as a trained collaborative solicitor. To find a trained lawyer in Shropshire please click here.

A printable version of these points can be downloaded below.